Express Electric

After having 22 years of experience in the Electro-Mechanic services business, we founded our company «Express Engineering» in 2002.

Our work speed inspired us to name our company as «Express Engineering».

While cost  and  quality  service  to the customer became the core values in business nowadays, our company «Express Engineering» considers all works to reduce cost and to increase productivity as a vision and safety as a mission.

The pride and reliance of completing many projects successfully forced us to expand our services.

Thus, we began to offer general engineering and  contractorship  services on tuкn-key solutions and successfully completed many projects as the years have passed.

ЖК “ТУШИНО 2018”
ЖК "LIFE Ботанический Сад 2"
ЖК “LIFE Ботанический Сад 2”
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