After having 22 years of experience in the Electro-Mechanic services business, we founded our company "Express" in 2002. Our work speed inspired us to name our company as "Express".

While cost and quality service to the customer became the core values in business nowadays, our company Express Electric considers all works to reduce cost and to increase productivity  as a vision and safety  as a mission.

The pride and reliance of completing many projects successfully forced us to expand our services.

Thus, we began to offer general engineering and contractorship services on trun-key solutions and successfully completed many projects as the  years have passed. 

Our work team:

Doing business for a long time we have established a team of experts using the latest in engineering science and acknowledged on all necessary regulations and standards. Additionally, the continually revised work processes ensure that current best practices are incorporated into the execution plan, the procedures, the specifications and the design guidelines of all work. Our specialists continuously question and re-examine every engineering-related detail in completed and ongoing projects, and innovative engineering solutions are being continually re-searched and developed for better and more efficient results.



Health Safety and Environment policy reckons with our main priorities in implementation of every project in order to protect employees, associates and construction facilities. Our goal, as already our achievement, is to reach "Zero Accident" in protection from any kind of pollution, hazard and accident.


With confidence in existing building technologies and under the challenge to achieve the best solutions just in time that is the main desire of the execution team of Express Electric